We are an experienced team of 5 young professionals from various disciplines and nationalities. From spatial designers to crafty artists we’ve been able to create a new space and offer quality products and prime activities.


Our vision is to expand the model of a flexible space to the other exsting shelter shops, helping to grow the income, modernising the product range and connecting with a larger audience. Nonetheless is the opportunity to transmit an important hope message.


We’ll host events and keep growing trough artists collabs. We aim to connect with the community and create a strong local identity.


The proyect will be host in an open multifunctional space with deeply rooted aesthetics. In fact we want to transmit the shelter concept through a House-like shape. The storytelling is important and we want to create a deeeper connection between the experince/product and the objectives of Shelter Charity.

Dream Team

Fanucchi Federico, Gonzalez Rebaque Nuño, Pagliaro Cruz Maria Jose, Ponzo Antonino, Sghirinzetti Silvia.